Technical Service Bulletin – September 2015

Technik Mfg., a vending machine manufacturer and kiosk manufacturer, receive technical
service calls when a specific column or columns in the machine is not advancing the
next card or ticket in one of our prepaid card machines, phone card machines, pull
tab machines, dispensing mechanisms or in one of our kiosk components. This can occur
when the feed belt in a particular column is too dirty and the belt can't properly grab
and advance the card or ticket.

Solution - The ONLY recommended solution is to clean the feed belt using a 1:10 ratio
of dish soap to warm water.

Procedure - Dampen a soft cloth with the solution and hold it on the feed belt while
the motor is running. To get motor running continuously move the selector
switch to motor mode and push the button on the front door that corresponds
to the feed belt in the column you want to clean. When done push the same
button on the outside of the door to shut the motor off. Repeat the
procedure to clean other columns if needed. When completed move selector
switch back to vend for normal operation.

Frequency - The feed belts should be cleaned every 10,000 cards or tickets that have
been dispensed.

As the vending machine manufacturer, we recommend a regular maintenance program
be started with each machine that would which include cleaning the feed belts. This will                                             keep your machines running without interuption and will improve the life of your unit.

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