Prepaid Card Vending Machine

Sell Products On and Off the Clock

Technik Prepaid card machines sell a variety of products - immediately. Technik has over 40,000 prepaid card vending machines across the globe, earning income for its owners with little resources and time involved. Providing our customer with reliable products and services that produce profits has earned our vending machine manufacturers a global reputation as a leading manufacturer of prepaid card vending machines.

Our vending machine manufacturers design, build and support machines that dispense cards without the need to constantly pour resources (time and money) into selling. Vending machines sell while you’re sleeping and while you’re on vacation. And our prepaid card vending machines are also reliable and well-supported by our expert staff of engineers to ensure maximum up-time.

Standard Features

  • Available in 2, 4 and 8 column configurations.
  • Small footprint reduces space requirements
  • Exclusive Technik belt-feed delivery system provides trouble-free operation.
  • Cards and money are held in separately locked compartments.
  • Flexible settings allow each column to be priced separately.
  • Vends most types and sizes of phone cards with minimum adjustment for variations in card thickness.
  • Heavy-gauge steel cabinets and dependable locks enhance security.
  • Choice of cabinet and base colors.
  • Attractive standard graphics
  • Reliable bill acceptor recognizes $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.
  • Optional $50 and $100 bill acceptor

Optional Features

  • Matching base cabinets for all machines.
  • Printer port and printer for hard copies of all accounting features.
  • Internal modem for communicating sales and service information.
  • Audible alarm - impact, tilt and door sensors.
  • Door-open kill switch for complete safety.
  • High-security locks.
  • Custom graphics designed for you - in any language.
  • Bill acceptor recognized $50 and $100 bills