Vending Machine Dispensing Mechanisms

Technik MFG manufacturers and distributes state-of-the-art custom kiosks and vending machines across the globe. Much of our success and reputation rests of the reliability of our products, much attributed to our advanced and trusted dispensing mechanisms. Our dispensers have been installed in over 40,000 vending machines and custom vending kiosks around the world.

Our vending machine dispensers include debit card vending dispensers, credit card dispensers, pull tab mechanisms, coupon dispensers, envelope dispensers, booklet dispensers, ticket dispensers, phone card dispensers, stamp dispensers, transit pass dispensers, game key dispensers, roll ticket dispensers, clamshell package dispensers, box dispensers, computer disc dispensers, disc sleeve dispensers and custom dispensers to fit any need.

Bar Code Mechanism

CD Mechanism

Mag Card Mechanism

RFID Mechanisms

Sports Card Mechanism