Healthcare Kiosks

Today more healthcare kiosks are being used than ever before. Medical kiosks are already a mainstay in busy hospitals nationwide, and are increasingly found outside of hospital facilities as well.

Technik Manufacturing, Inc., has developed two high-demand healthcare kiosks and is designing more for future release as demand continues to increase. If you’ve visited a Kaiser Permanente medical office recently, you’ll have noticed healthcare kiosks in the lobby, the lab, and pharmacy. Healthcare kiosks offer fast and reliable service to customers, and high demand medical products people need in and outside of healthcare settings.

Healthcare Kiosks by Technik Mfg., Inc.

Currently Technik Manufacturing has designed and manufactures two types of healthcare kiosks with more on the way.

Crutch Vending Machines

Around 10 million sets of crutches are purchased each year in the U.S. However, getting the crutches in the hands of those who need them quickly doesn’t always happen. Axilla, also known as “under-arm crutches,” are the most widely used and high-demand crutches on the market. Our axillary crutch vending machines can offer multiple sizes and be purchase using cash or credit card.

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