Technical Service Bulletin – October 2015

Technik Mfg., a vending machine manufacturer and kiosk manufacturer, occasionally
have pull tab tickets continue to jam in our pull tab machines after the machine
has been worked on and all adjustments have been tried. In this case we ask that
you look at the tickets themselves because periodically tickets are found to be
warped or bowed which will cause dispensing problems.

Solution – Manually bend the tickets in the opposite direction as the bow before
inserting them into the machine columns.

Procedure – Take a stack of tickets, 1/4” to 3/8” thick and bend in the opposite
direction of the bow. This may be needed for the width of the ticket, the length
of the ticket or both. Chances are there will still be a slight bow in the tickets.
As the vending machine manufacturer we then recommend inserting the tickets into the
columns with the bow of the tickets down and the ends of the tickets up. The same
would apply for a bow in the width or the length of the tickets.

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