New Card Feed System Release

Technik MFG. INC., your custom kiosk manufacturer, is pleased to announce we’ve recently developed a new card feed system for our card vending machines and dispensing mechanisms. The upgrade is focused on the feed belt function.

In the past, we used a textured feed belt made from a custom type of rubber. This belt system worked very well for a long time.  However, the belts were difficult to keep clean, and over time would wear out and need to be replaced – a difficult and somewhat costly process. Ultimately what drove us to develop a new feed system was the difficulty and cost involved in making the original belts consistent in size and quality.

The New System

The new system operates with two smaller silicone feed belts. The new belts have more friction than the old ones which allows us to dispense cards more reliably, and eliminates the need for the textured surface featured on the old belts. This added friction makes the belts significantly easier to keep clean, which was one of the big obstacles with the old system.

In addition, the increased friction allows us to dispense thinner and heavier stacks of cards than we were able to in the past. The new belts have a much longer lifespan, but if they do need to be replaced due to damage or significant wear, the cost to our customers will be greatly reduced.

Custom kiosks are one of the best ways to sell product with little to no labor investment. Our engineers build machines to fit your unique business needs. Give us a call today, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about getting a custom kiosk for your retail location. (800) 795-8251

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