Kiosk, Vending Machine Service

We Service What We Sell!

Technik Mfg, Inc. has set up a unique system to ensure that our customers maintain a high percentage of up-time on their custom kiosk and vending machines. We maintain a solid partnership with our customers to supply product enhancements, service, and upgrades (both hardware and software) at very reasonable prices and fast turn-around time. Following is a listing of the services we provide:

Technical Support:

On-line support is available through our Troubleshooting pages that walk you through Error Codes and other problems step by step. We also provide our customers with our toll free number for service should these troubleshooting guides not fix the problem. Because we engineer and build our own dispensing mechanisms, we can solve most problems quickly over the phone. This service keeps your custom kiosk or vending machine up and running and reduces or eliminates the need for on-site service visits which can be arranged if necessary.


The Technik service department is available by telephone during regular business hours at (800) 795-8251 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. CST) if you need further assistance with your dispenser. For after hours service please call (402) 270-4351.


Three components; inner dispensing mechanisms, bill acceptors (current models only), and control boards are refurbished at our factory. Our customer simply places the order for these components, it is shipped out quickly, it is billed at full price, and when the old unit is returned to our factory, a core credit is applied to the customer's account. In the event that the unit is under warranty, the customer is credited for the full amount.

Service Parts:

We maintain an inventory of new and rebuilt parts and supplies. They are available for immediate delivery in order to meet the service needs of our customers. We understand that unforeseen problems with dispensing equipment can mean downtime for your vending machine and a potential loss of revenue. We believe in service after the sale and believe that every problem has a solution. Our service is the best in the industry to assure that your gaming or prepaid card vending machine is functioning properly with as little downtime as possible.

Service Information:

As an additional service to our customers we now have installation and service instructions available to download in PDF format. In order to view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. A free download of this program can be found at


Technik offers free service training for our customers at our facility in Columbus, Nebraska.


Technik Mfg, Inc. is trying to offer you the best repair parts service possible at the lowest cost. That is why we offer the core-credit repair service. However, many times customers like to receive the replacement parts, but have difficulty returning the old unit for their credit. Therefore, as a means of minimizing Technik's losses and still providing a fair and accurate accounting of these transactions, we have the following policy:

CORE-CREDIT PARTS: (mechanism, bill acceptor, control boards, printers, microprocessors, etc.)

  1. All core-credit service parts are to be paid-in-advance of shipping.
  2. Warranty parts will be fully credited back to the customer upon Technik's receipt of the core part, if received within 1 year of shipped replacement. Technik will pay for "ground" shipping on warranty parts.
  3. Out-of-warranty parts will be credited back to the customer upon Technik's receipt of the old unit for the core-credit amount. The customer will be billed for shipping on out-of-warranty parts.

OTHER COMPONENT PARTS: (power supplies, bulbs, hardware items, LCD displays, etc)

  1. All component parts are to be paid-in-advance of shipping.
  2. Warranty component parts will be shipped at no charge for the component or shipping and handling. Technik will pay for "ground" shipping on warranty parts.
  3. All out-of-warranty component service parts are to be paid-in-advance including shipping and handling. The customer will be billed for shipping on out-of-warranty parts.


  1. Technik verifies the serial numbers of machines and components before authorizing warranty credit. Please have these numbers available at the time a service call is placed.
  2. Please note that bill acceptor core credits are offered only when they are replaced with the same model as the original.

Pyramid Bill Acceptor for Pull Tab Machines:

Service Instructions:

Trouble Shooting:

Error messages will sometimes occur. If you encounter an error message on any Technik prepaid card or gaming dispenser, please select the troubleshooting flow chart that best describes the problem.

Technik will be happy to help you with any troubleshooting if the flow chart isn't solving the problem.