New RFID Card Reader Coming Soon

Technik MFG. INC., USA based kiosk manufacturer and custom vending machine company is pleased to announce the development of a new technology. Currently, we are developing a new card dispensing mechanism. The new mechanism will be able to read and/or write RFID cards as they are being dispensed. During the process of vending the card, the mechanism will read the card and verify if it is a correct read. If the card is good it will dispense, or it will reject it if it’s not read in 3 attempts.

Data from the card can be sent to the customer via USB or RS232 connection.  You can also load the mechanism with blank cards which will be written as they are purchased. In this case, the mechanism would immediately read the cards to verify a successful write, and then vend or reject/out-stack accordingly.

Integrates with Our Current Kiosks

The new mechanism is designed using the same frame and control board as our mechanism for reading and dispensing magnetic stripe cards. This allows you the flexibility to use the same kiosk cabinet design for either type of card. The software on the control board will also be very similar, and should require little to no change to your software that it interfaces with.

Benefits of New RFID Mechanism

The new mechanism improves upon current mechanisms in a number of ways:

  • It can both read and write to the RFID cards
  • Cards that have not been read or written successfully will not dispense to the consumer
  • Dual communication: Serial and USB
  • Card dispenser capacity and be increased with extensions
  • All metal durable assembly
  • Same form factor as our magnetic stripe reader mechanism for easy compatibility
  • Available in 12V or 24V

Technik MFG. INC. Kiosk Manufacturers

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