The Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth Kiosk

The popularity of the photo booth continues even in 2021. Whether you’re holding events or have a storefront, a branded photo kiosk is a great way to boost company brand awareness, create new contacts, and collect new customer data. A photo kiosk can double up as a cost-effective solution for marketing as well as a value-added solution via social media and other channels for your company. Here are just some of the marketing benefits of having a branded photo booth for your company.

Increased Engagement

A photo booth kiosk acts as an attraction and talking point for you with your customers. In the day of instant photos with phones, the nostalgia associated with the photo booth experience still drives curiosity for all ages. The more your customers and guests engage with your photo booth kiosk, the more opportunity you have to naturally engage with them and talk about your other products and offerings. The photo booth kiosk creates a good feeling towards your brand, which helps them feel more confident about trying your other products.

Social Media Benefits

With a branded photo booth kiosk, your customers not only have a good time, but they’re able to share their experience with friends and family through their various social media channels. You, too, can share the photos from your branded photo booth kiosk on your social media business channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Extra Revenue

Along with the marketing and engagement benefits, a photo booth kiosk can make some extra revenue. You can charge a fee to use it or leverage it to sell ad space. Sponsors can choose to have their brand printed on the photographs, or on the actual photo booth kiosk, or both.

Collect Useful Customer Data

One of the biggest benefits of having a photo booth kiosk is the opportunity it provides for collecting valuable data on attendees at your event or customers using on location. Before sharing photos to social media, users can be required to input their name and email address, and other demographic information. They’ll have the photos emailed to them, and you’ll have increased your customer email list.

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