Healthcare Delivery Kiosks for School Systems

We’ve talked a lot about self-service kiosks and their many use cases in the market. We’ve even discussed how the healthcare industry has been using them in various forms. Now school campuses are taking the healthcare self-service kiosk to the next level. They’re offering walk-up kiosks for easy, accessible virtual healthcare visits. These kiosks are being installed on various school campuses across the country.

How do they work?

Schools are using healthcare kiosks built with user-friendly features and high-functioning medical applications. Instead of needing to commute to the nearest clinic or doctor’s office, a patient can use a close, convenient kiosk instead..

Elementary School Use Case

Young children in elementary schools often visit the nurse's office when they’re not feeling well. The nurse examines symptoms, takes temperature and vitals, and makes a decision if the child is sick enough to see a doctor. If the child should see a doctor, the nurse can avoid calling and interrupting the parent’s day and deal with it right away using a healthcare kiosk. She’ll be able to enter the child’s medical information and speak directly to a pediatrician virtually. The pediatrician will perform a virtual exam with the nurse’s assistance and write the child a prescription if necessary. The child can go home with the medical visit already taken care of.

College Student Use Case

Imagine a college student is in his dormitory and starts to feel sick. He has a fever, chills, and an upset stomach. He knows he needs to get medical attention, but the thought of driving across campus to urgent care feeling the way he does seems like an impossible task. However, there is a healthcare delivery kiosk in his building, so he musters the strength to walk to it. At the kiosk, he quickly puts in his profile, and insurance information is connected to a healthcare professional who diagnoses his symptoms as influenza and sends a Tamiflu prescription to the pharmacy a block away.

Ready to Try a Custom Kiosk for Your Company or Organization?

Knowing the intended use of your kiosk system, who your users are, and what they want to do is the first step to getting the perfect design for a custom kiosk. If you’re considering designing a custom kiosk for your company or organization, call or send us an email. We can help you with design from start to finish, then engineer and manufacture your kiosks.

Find out how a perfectly designed custom kiosk can transform your bottom line and improve customer and employee service.

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