Custom Kiosks for Prepaid Cards

Our premier kiosk manufacturers and vending machine company engineers and manufacturers kiosks and vending machines, ranging from standard to highly customized. All our kiosks and vending machines are designed to maximize efficiency and to save time and resources.

For instance, our kiosk manufacturers at Technik Mfg. designed and developed several different models of machines and kiosks that sell prepaid cards. Many kiosks we’ve produced provide cellular pins as part of an overall inmate commissary service package for state and county jails and correctional facilities across the country. Our kiosk manufacturers can also produce machines that sell prepaid gifts cards with a wide array of full value gift cards or discounted cards determined by the machine’s owner. Prepaid debit cards can also be offered through a kiosk machine; and unlike a traditional debit card linked to a consumer’s bank account requiring a bank balance, these prepaid debit card can allow the consumer to load a debit card with cash for immediate spending in a location.

At Technik, our kiosk manufacturers are dedicated to finding solutions for your organization that will be effective, long-lasting parts of daily processes and routines. A prepaid card machine may increase efficiency and save time for your business. Let us know how we can provide a custom solution of your organization with kiosks or vending machines.

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