Vending Machine and Kiosk Referral Rewards

Technik Mfg. Inc. is a premier manufacturer of pull tab machines, custom kiosks, prepaid card vending machines, gaming card vending machines, PIN number vending machines and card dispensing mechanisms. Our product reliability and excellent service bring us continued word-of-mouth and referral business; which is why we have a way of saying “thanks!”

Our vending machine and custom kiosk manufacturer company will reward companies or individuals who provide referrals for new business from new customers.  We offer a choice of either 5% of the vending machine and accessory sale as a credit to their account, or 4% of the vending machine and accessory sale as a cash payment.

We have many vending machines, kiosks and dispensing mechanisms that can fit a variety of needs; and we also have the resources and advancement to provide custom kiosks and custom vending machines when needed. Our engineers and custom kiosk and vending machine manufacturing team are innovative thinkers and craftsmen who can meet almost any need. So a need presented by a referral will not go unmet.

We are privileged to provide our kiosks and vending machines to businesses and organizations around the country and we our privileged when you refer a friend or colleague to our services.

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