Self-Service Kiosks for Government Use

Kiosks are playing a larger role in every day people’s lives more and more. From the private sector to the public, custom kiosks have become a mainstay. It’s no wonder, considering the time, money, and efficiency a custom kiosk adds to any business or organization. Here we’re going to look at how custom self-service kiosks are impacting the public sector.   

A More Efficient Government

Government, from the local to the federal level, has earned a reputation for inefficiency. It’s probably the top criticism we see of all government critiques.  Just think about the wait at the DMV in some parts of the country. Thankfully governments are responding and fighting lines and long waits with self-service kiosks. By letting the public assist themselves with routine tasks, government employees have more time to handle specific or “out of the ordinary” issues. Public kiosks are being used for public records, zoning and licensing, program advertisement, appointment check-ins, information, and wayfinding.  

Public Records Database

Public records database kiosks help people access their records and look into social benefits they may qualify for. Maine's Office for Family Independence created the Eligibility Management Future State Program using a kiosk. An internet portal allows people to apply for and manage their benefits online from any kiosk location. A document imaging and indexing system electronically transports and stores all the forms and supporting documentation previously stored in physical folders. Now data is accessible to any caseworker anywhere in the state. 

DMV Assistant

A national poll revealed that 70% of DMV customers said that DMV lines are too long. It’s hard to argue that sentiment with average wait times close to an hour. In an effort to decrease wait times, DMV officials have started using self-service kiosks. Kiosks allow people to take care of routine payments and renewals.

Information & Wayfinding

Aside from lessening the administrative burdens, kiosks are assisting the public acting as informative guides and directories for monuments, museums, memorials, and national parks.  Some kiosks are programed with slides shows of "need to know" information and directions. Because kiosks are beautifully engineered and interactive, they add value by increasing public engagement and awareness.  Park and museum guests feel more connected with their surroundings after interacting with the kiosk and have a fuller experience.

Considering a Custom Self-Service Kiosk for Your Business?

If you like the idea of streamlining your customer service and freeing your staff to add more value to the company and customers, a custom kiosk may be the perfect solution. Give us a call, tell us about your business. We'll walk you through all the options that make sense for you and give you a free quote.

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