New custom Kiosk built buy Technik mfg

Here is a custom Kiosk we are currently building for a Nebraska customer.


A nice sleek, powerful, intuitive system. Large ELO touchscreen for customer interaction.


Powered by a small form factor computer that fits securely inside the cabinet that can run custom touchscreen software. Great for visitor information and management. These Touch-Screen Kiosks can be very effective and efficient vehicles for visitor information. Informational interfaces can be designed to provide information while saving staff members time. Help your visitors find their way around with interactive maps, site photographs, and links to more information. These work great in lobbies and entryways, and can also replace the clutter of brochure display racks.

Other ways to use them: visitors can see local attractions, make reservations, print out maps, menus and more. These work great for tourist centers, banks, event centers and hotels.

These kiosks have a small footprint, sometimes less than that of a traditional brochure rack.

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