Kiosk Manufacturer Ships Ticket Dispensing Kiosks to Carnivals

At Technik MFG, our expertise and years of experience have earned us a reputation as a premier kiosk manufacturer as well as a premier vending machine manufacture.

With over 45,000 units shipped world-wide, we have serviced many industries with custom kiosks and custom vending machines. Our most recent contract from our kiosk manufacturing division was to design and ship custom kiosks to dispensing carnival tickets – which was the first of many installments. These weatherproof kiosks were designed to dispense carnival ride tickets at amusement parks, county fairs, state fairs as well as any related venue. These ticket dispensing kiosks allow for increased revenue along with accurate accounting through an easy and trouble-free means.

Our ticket dispensing kiosks can be adapt to meet the needs of any event or business needing to sell tickets while wanting to keep costs under control. Please contact us with questions or for a free quote on how our custom kiosk manufacturer or custom vending machines divisions can assist in your business’ ticket sales.

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