Unique Vending Machines From Around the World

Whether you’re looking for custom vending machines or kiosks Technik MFG. INC can help your organization build one.  We've built countless custom vending machines for clients over the years, and you'd be surprised about how customized a vending machine can be.

Many companies want to be the first to launch a particular type of vending machine, so they can stand out among the competition and generate a buzz. In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the most unique custom vending machines from around the world. You'll be surprised what you can do with a custom vending machine. 

Gold to Go Vending Machine

The Gold to Go vending machine can is the first-ever gold vending machine. The glittering ATM spits our 24-karat gold in 320 different forms, including gold bars, coins, and even jewelry. The machine is guarded by armored guards all day long. Look for it next time you're in the UAE's Dubai Mall.

Shoe Vending Machine

Two Toronto men had the idea of creating a vending machine that will dispense flats to women in need of relief from high heels. The flats are sold for $15 and come with a bag that can be used to store the shoes they’re replacing. This unique vending machine holds 80 pairs of shoes.

Hair Extension Vending Machine

A company called Boundless Beauty created a hair extension vending machine that dispenses... you guessed it – hair extensions. The company has already placed 40 of the cashless vending machines around the Philadelphia area.

Tie Vending Machine

Sometimes you forget your tie right? Maybe not, but if you ever did how handy would a tie vending machine be? Well, you can find them in Japan, the place where there’s a vending machine for all occasions. It does makes sense though when you think about all those Japanese businessmen – surely they must forget their ties from time to time.

InstyMeds Pharmacy Medication Dispenser

Yes, vending machines are used for more than just food. InsytMeds, is a pharmacy vending machine that dispenses antibiotics, inhalers, cough syrup, and painkillers in hospitals and clinics across the country. The immediate, round-the-clock access is intended to ease the burden of emergency departments.

Ready for Your Custom Vending Machine or Kiosk?

If you have an idea for a custom vending machine or kiosk for your business or organization we can help.  We’ll let you know what is possible, and if we can meet your needs. If you like the idea of a self-service kiosk or vending machine, but not sure how it can help your business, we can identify if investing in a machine is a good idea. 

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