Why Kiosks Are the Future of Retail

Every day the world becomes increasingly digital. We can connect to anyone, anywhere in the world via our smartphones and complete an entire grocery store run with just a few clicks. Digitization is spreading across every aspect of life, and for retail, the shift is clear. Cardboard and paper signs are being replaced with digital signage. Billboards are becoming interactive. Customers now have the ability to enter and leave a retail store without ever needing to interact with staff by using unattended self-service kiosks. 

Consumers are quickly adopting this new way of shopping, with nearly half saying they prefer to use unattended self-service kiosks because of the speed and ease of access. 

Smart Kiosks 

Kiosks are not only being used for speed, but they're being engineered to respond to real-time shopping patterns. Connected installations allow data, software, and updates to be delivered to a kiosk remotely. This empowers retailers to have greater control and responsiveness to customer needs. With kiosk-generated real-time reports, retailers can customize services remotely by switching functionality to reflect local trends, seasonal patterns, special events, and more. 

Tokenization is Playing a Major Role 

Retail owners need ways of letting customers feel in control of their experience but still have the ability to connect with them. More and more, tokens are being used to customize the consumer's journey and encourage more sales by pushing real-time promotions and loyalty incentives. 

Reimagining Unattended Payments 

Kiosks are working hard to deliver new revenue opportunities for retailers, and more convenience for consumers. The technology needed to deliver is mostly already available today. We have internet-enabled kiosks, supported by managed platforms. They run from integrated connected gateways, using cloud-based services. 

Ready to Try a Custom Kiosk for Your Retail Business?

Knowing the intended use of your kiosk system, who your users are and what they want to do is the first step to getting the perfect design for a custom kiosk. If you’re considering designing a custom kiosk for your company or organization call or send us an email. We can help you with design from the start to finish, then engineer and manufacture your kiosks.

Find out how a perfectly designed custom kiosk can transform your bottom line and improve customer and employee service.

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