Three Industries that Use Self Service Kiosks Effectively

Over the last decade, self-service kiosks have grown in popularity, with brands in a wide variety of industries switching to kiosks for tasks like providing information, taking customer orders, and expediting service. Kiosks come packed with benefits for both businesses and customers. For businesses, they reduce labor costs while improving service efficiency. For customers, custom kiosks provide a way to quickly access information and purchase products without the inefficiencies of traditional customer service. Today's kiosks also allow for a level of customization that's often impossible to match the "old fashioned" way.

Retail Kiosks

Kiosks are gaining traction with retailers. From big-box stores to small retail chains, many of the country's biggest retail brands are heavily investing in kiosks and service-focused automation. Walmart, for example, has started testing in-person pickup kiosks. The retail kiosk allows customers to order their groceries online and pick them up at any time, saving shoppers from finding each item within the store manually.

Kiosks for Hospitality and Tourism

In recent years, self-service kiosks have become a more common sight in the hospitality and tourism industry. Hotels, offices, and other businesses that traditionally have reception staff have benefited from the rise of kiosk manufacturers producing reception and service kiosks. These interactive kiosks can answer common questions, provide directions, and even serve as a point of check-in at hotels. Next time you're in Vegas, you'll see plenty of kiosks in the lobby.

Food Service Kiosks

Fast food and casual dining businesses are some of the biggest advocates of kiosks. With rising wages and demands for fast, efficient service, more and more foodservice businesses are taking advantage of kiosks. McDonald's was one of the first brands to introduce kiosks into their stores, allowing customers to place their orders efficiently and pay faster. Panera Bread has also started using kiosks to take customer orders.

Ready to Try a Custom Kiosk for Your Company or Organization?

Knowing the intended use of your kiosk system, who your users are and what they want to do is the first step to getting the perfect design for a custom kiosk. If you're considering designing a custom kiosk for your company or organization, call or send us an email. We can help you with design from start to finish, then engineer and manufacture your kiosks.

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