The Benefits of Kiosk Advertising

The term digital signage is a fairly new buzz word in the business world. Today you can’t go many places without running into some form of digital signage. Digital signs use technologies like LCD, LED, and Projection to display content like digital images, video, streaming media, and presentations. They can be found anywhere from a museum or stadium to a restaurant or retail store. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what digital signage is and why businesses are using it, and how it’s being used with kiosks.

What is Kiosk Advertising?

Kiosk advertising is the use of display kiosks for marketing purposes. Because display kiosks come in a variety of sizes and configurations, they can easily be placed in high foot traffic areas which makes kiosk advertising ideal for companies that want to get their brand out without being too intrusive.

Probably the biggest benefit of kiosk advertising is flexibility. The signage can be updated and changed in a matter of seconds because it’s just a digital display. It can be changed remotely and programmed to rotate through a series of ads or information.

Why Are Company’s Switching to Kiosk Advertising?

The flexibility compared to traditional print advertising is probably the biggest draw. But more than just serving as advertising displays, kiosks can engage customers in valuable ways. They can act as wayfinding support, provide WIFI hotspot connectivity, and provide local area information.

While kiosk advertising requires a bigger initial investment it ends up saving costs when compared to traditional advertising that comes with a shelf life. And you can even get a measurable return on your investment as kiosks allow for data collection.

Who is Using Kiosk Advertising?

Kiosk advertising can be found all over the country. Common places you’ll see it include malls, lifestyle centers, movie theaters, stadiums, transportation hubs, and even on streets. Because of their flexibility, cost savings, environmental friendliness, and value-added features kiosk advertising will continue to grow and become a mainstay for businesses small and large.

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