The Benefits of Hospital Equipment Vending Machines

The best way to reduce medical supply costs has little to do with supplies, and everything to do with how you manage them. If your healthcare operation uses inefficient manual processes and tying up supply rooms with excess inventory, there’s a more efficient and cost-effective way to keep essential medical supplies and equipment in view, in control, and in stock.

Medical Supply Vending Machines

Medical supply vending machines are starting to be used in hospitals across the country for items like hospital scrubs, uniforms, linens, pharmaceuticals, and crutches. The medical supply vending machines serve both staff and patients covering a wide range of use cases. 

Axillary Crutch Vending Machine

Over 10 million sets of crutches are purchased every year in the U.S. Axilla or underarm crutches are the most common type of crutch. However, providing access to these crutches in hospitals has been burdensome for hospital staff tasked with managing the storage and sale. This bottleneck has been solved with Axillary cutch Vending Machines. These vending machines are specifically designed as a self-service way for patients to quickly and comfortably get crutches in the hospital.

The crutches come in several different sizes to accommodate children all the way to tall adults. They can be purchased using cash or credit card.

Ready to Try a Hospital Equipment Vending Machine?

Hospital equipment vending machines are a great solution to help manage supplies, relieve staff of the distribution task, and keep both employees and patients supplied with what they need. A custom vending machine can be designed and engineered to dispense pharmaceuticals and scrubs to solve management, distribution, and security risks, or medical equipment that patients need like crutches. 

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