Temperature Screening Kiosks

While nearly every industry has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, some have faced larger setbacks and hurdles than others. The foodservice industry and restaurants are among those most affected. As a result, many restaurants have been forced to get creative in how they serve their customers.

Many states across the country are well into their reopening phases. In addition to social distancing and enforcing capacity restrictions, one of the most common measures being used by restaurants is temperature screening checks. Many are using temperature screening kiosks.

What are Temperature Screening Kiosks?

Designed with health and safety in mind, temperature screening kiosks offer a completely contactless temperature check experience. Restaurant guests are scanned one at a time by placing their face in the frame indicated on the screen of a kiosk. Their temperatures are then read by a thermal sensor and displayed on-screen for the user to view and verify. The processes are easy, fast, and accurate. The entire process takes about 2 seconds.

Why the Food Service Industry is Using Temperature Screening Kiosks

Many restaurants are adopting temperature screening kiosks in order to stay in compliance with health and safety requirements and avoid downtime from COVID-19 contamination. The kiosks are flexible in design and simple to implement. The kiosks come in standalone pedestals, countertop, and wall mounts. Restaurants are using them for both customers and employees.

Benefits of Using a Temperature Screening Kiosk

The kiosks let customers know you're taking their safety seriously. They also assist restaurants in abiding by federal, state, and local regulations. As a completely unattended solution, temperature screening kiosks can utilize audible alerts to attract staff’s attention without requiring their presence and attention at all times.

Find out how a perfectly designed custom kiosk can transform your bottom line and improve customer and employee service.

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