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Are Vending Machines a Good Investment?

Since the pandemic interest in vending machine ownership has increased substantially. But just how lucrative can owning a custom vending machine be? It’s estimated that roughly 33% of the world’s vending machines are located in the United States. It’s estimated that around 2 million of these machines in operation are bringing in $7.4 billion in…
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Custom Kiosk Providing Self-Service Printing Needs

The need for self-service technology is on the rise. Because of changing consumer and business needs, a custom kiosk solution is ideal in many situations. Many retailers, as well as quick service restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, casinos, telecommunications companies, transportation providers and other organizations are implementing self-service kiosk solutions. A printing custom kiosk is…
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Considering a Custom Kiosk for Selling Your Products

Have you ever considered using a custom kiosk to sell your product? Many businesses offer products that can be easily vended from a kiosk, though entering into this may seem intimidating or expensive. Our custom kiosk manufacturers design, build and support machines that dispense products without the need to constantly pour resources (time and money)…
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