Superior Kiosk & Vending Machine Service

* Important Notice: If you are purchasing a new 110-090 board as a replacement for the 800-050F, please check and reset the voltage to exactly 5.00 volts.

When you buy a custom kiosk or custom vending machine from Technik MFG. INC. you're getting more than a great product. When you purchase any of our products you not only get a well-designed and crafted machine, but you get us! We are kiosk manufacturers that service what we sell.  We have set up a detailed system to ensure that every customer receives the product enhancements, service, and hardware and software upgrades quickly and affordably.

Top Tier Technical Support

Our on-line troubleshooting pages walk you through error codes and other problems in an easy to follow step by step process. If you can’t find a solution there, or would rather speak to somebody our toll-free number is available six days a week. (800) 795-8251. If you have an emergency after hours, you can still reach us at (402) 270-4351.  Because we're the one's engineering and building the machines and components, we can expedite problems solving and usually solve most issues over a quick phone call.

Service Parts

We maintain a ready to ship inventory of new and rebuilt parts and supplies. If any part fails or is in need of replacement a replacement will be immediately shipped. We know a downtime for your vending machine or kiosk means a potential loss of revenue. We believe service starts before the sale and continues through the life of every machine we sell.

Easy Exchanges

When and if your machine’s inner dispensing mechanisms, bill acceptors (current models only), or control boards need replacing we make the exchange fast and easy. Simply call us and place the order for whichever component you need and we will immediately ship it out. The item will be billed at full price, and once we receive the old unit, credit will be applied to your account. If the unit is under warranty, you will be credited for the full amount.

Training, Manuals, and Trouble Shooting

We're always available when our customers need us, but we also want to empower our customers. The more you're familiar with your machine, the better you can quickly solve small issues and avoid downtime. We offer free service training for our customers at our facility in Columbus, Nebraska. In addition, you can find detailed operation manuals for download on our website on the "service" page. You'll also find easy to follow troubleshooting steps to solve error codes and other common problems.

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