Providing Long-Term Service and Maintenance for Kiosks and Vending Machines

Technik MFG is a leading vending machine and kiosk manufacturers; not only because of its cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, but also because of its long-term and highly responsive kiosk and vending machine service. Whether for installation, operation or continued maintenance, Technik has expert service technicians ready to assist. Our service team understands that if your product is not up and running your source of income is also not up and running. Our unique service and maintenance program assures that the mean time between failures for each machine is at the industries highest.

Technical support through Technik MFG is available online and on the phone. Our online support system can troubleshoot error codes on your vending machine or kiosk. A toll-free number is also available for those in need of personal assistance. And because we have designed and developed all of our own dispensing mechanisms we can solve most issues quickly right over the phone.

Our vending machine and kiosk manufacturer company will also fix or refurbish machines and kiosks and we maintain an inventory of parts for all Technik machines and kiosks past and present. Because we maintain such an inventory of parts, that allows us to react to your service needs by shipping replacement parts out the same day if ordered before 12:00 noon or next day if ordered after 12:00 noon CST. So whether there’s a need to send the machine in to get fixed or refurbished or if the need is for a new part or replacement part, our technical service department is here and ready to help.

Kiosks and vending machines produce no return on investment when down, so up-time is critical. At Technik Mfg., we understand the urgency of up-time and maintain strong partnerships with our customers to supply enhancements, service and upgrades with quick turn-around time at affordable prices.



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