More Convenience and More Sales!

Custom Kiosks and vending machines have been able to accept credit card payments for some time now. However, the technology was cumbersome and made bank set up and transaction clearing a pain. We're happy to announce we're now offering a new and improved plug and play cashless system in our custom kiosks and vending machines. The new system allows for a quick set up and better user experience.

More Convenience = More Sales

Giving customers the flexibility to pay with credit cards means more revenue for you. With the new system, your machine can now accept all forms of payments. Including:

  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Mobile, SMS and NFC Payments
  • Swipe, Contact or Contactless
  • Prepaid cards, closed environment

Customer-centric Experience

The new technology allows for machine voice interaction with the consumer in the local language. Two languages can be displayed on the VPOS. The simplicity of the interface makes it simple to use and eliminates customer confusion.

A Better Cashless System

Using the latest technology from industry leader Nayax, we're offering the ultimate in cashless transaction management for your kiosk and vending machines.

Monitor your machines in real-time with continuously updated information. Your unattended machine can now communicate critical information wirelessly. No more guesswork when it comes to management and restocking your machine. All vital information will be relayed to you in real time:

  • Inventory
  • Cash monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Reports

Now, like never before you can let your machines do the work. The time wasted on navigating cashless payment bottlenecks, and inventory management has effectively been eliminated. Kiosks and vending machines are about convenience for the customer and the owner. With this new updated technology, your machine will have more up time create more sales opportunities.

If you’d like to upgrade your Kiosk or vending machine with this new system give us a call!

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