Leading Pull Tab Vending Machine Manufacturer

Technik Mfg. is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of pull tab vending machines. Our vending machine company produces quality machines with longevity and high return on investment. Whether pull tab, sweepstakes, coupons, ticket, or gift card vending machines you can expect the best value with Technik Mfg.

Our vending machine manufacturers have a wide knowledge and experience base. Our technical abilities include mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, imbedded software development, manufacturing, repair and maintenance service and an ISO 9000 quality system. And when it comes to our vending machines and kiosks, we also specialize in custom vending machines and custom kiosks. Our vending machine company has two pull tab vending machines, and the Grand Master provides 8 columns with a total capacity of 6,400 pull tab or sweepstakes tickets.

Our pull tab vending machine company develops machines that attract players, provide a large variety and are easy to operate. With excellent service and maintenance, Technik Mfg., can help provide a pull tab machine that will be reliable and increase revenue.

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