Kiosk Manufacturers and a Lot More

Who is Technik Mfg, Inc.?

We manufacture premium pull tab machines, custom kiosks, prepaid card vending machines, gaming card vending machines, PIN number vending machines, and card dispensing mechanisms. Our customers come from a wide variety of industries.

That’s just the beginning!

Custom Vending Kiosks

 There’s few better ways to represent your brand and deliver a service than with a custom kiosk. Whether it’s a simple touch-screen kiosk or a highly automated retail kiosk, your vision can come to life when you work with us. We design each custom kiosk from the inside out.

Our kiosks are interactive computers that are often used in the hospitality industry, medical industry, by retailers, government offices, and more. The sizes range from small countertop card dispensers to full size machines. The cabinets are attractive, secure, durable and can be built to work with almost any type of application. Depending on your specifications we can fit your kiosk with:

  • Custom Touch Screens
  • Pushbuttons
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Custom Graphics
  • And More!

Vending Machine Manufacturers

Technik Mfg, Inc. is the leading custom vending machine manufacturer in the USA for the production of prepaid phone card vending machines and pull tab vending machines. We’ve sold over 45,000 units in over 45 countries. In addition to pull tab we can custom build sweepstakes, coupons, ticket, or gift card vending machines.

If you’re a store owner or event organizer the ROI on a vending machine is hard to beat.  Make sure you’re working with a vending machine company that are expert designers and engineers, that can give you exactly what you want, and still deliver on the customer service end.

Never Worry About Service

You might hesitate and think – “If I get a custom kiosk or vending machine and it breaks down, it’s going to be difficult and costly to repair.”

Think Again!

We service what we sell!

Technik Mfg, Inc. has set up a unique system to ensure that you will maintain a high percentage of up-time on your custom kiosk and vending machines. We maintain a committed and reliable partnership with you to supply product enhancements, service, and upgrades (both hardware and software) at very affordable prices, and provide a fast turn-around time.

Ready for Your Custom Kiosk or Vending Machine?

Contact us today and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about how a custom kiosk or vending machine can help your company or organization. What we can do is only limited to your and our imagination.  (800) 795 – 8251

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