Kiosk Manufacturer, Technik, Develops Custom Kiosk for DNA Testing

Technik Mfg. is known for innovative kiosks and vending machines that make businesses efficient and resources effective. Recently, our kiosk manufacturers developed a customized kiosk for a company out of Tennessee for DNA testing.

The company, Transnetyx, began out of a need for efficiency in genotyping. After seeing researchers spend unneeded hours genotyping, they decided to create a system which ensures accurate, reliable and cost-effective testing with fast results. A custom kiosk is exactly what Tyansnetyx needed to deliver effective and affordable service.

The Transnetyx Automated Genotyping Center (TAGCenter) acts as a central location for genotyping needs - providing supplies and a reliable shipping method for samples in one place. Users simply collect the tissue in the well plates and drop them in the TAGCenter. Connected with users’ MyTAGs badge, with just a simple scan, users can access their account. Each well plate has a bar code; and once scanned users drop the sample in the TAGCenter.  An email is sent to the user to complete the order.  The samples are shipped to Transnetyx where they are processed in their automated genotyping system.  An email will be sent when the results are ready online.

Our kiosk manufacturers love creating products to meet the needs of businesses who are searching for effective processes. Please contact us to find out how we can help your company manage its resources and processes.

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