Healthcare Kiosks

In 2015 it was predicted that the use of healthcare kiosks would more than triple by 2020. If you've visited a Kaiser  Permanente medical office in the past four years, you'll have noticed kiosks in the lobby, the lab, and pharmacy. Healthcare kiosks are becoming the norm, and they can do a lot more than you might think. Let's take a closer look at how healthcare kiosks are making an impact.

Patient Check-Ins

One of the most laborious steps in any medical provider office is the patient check-in.  When you let a self-service kiosk handle patient intake, you free the staff to do higher-level tasks that improve the patient experience. The self-serve kiosk check-in eliminates the need to manually enter data that's been written down on a sign-in sheet and ensures your records are accurate.

Patient Portals

If your patients are accessing their accounts to check-in, you might as well have them make sure all their information is up-to-date, and all required forms are filled out. Letting patients enter their own information into the system dramatically cuts down on data entry time and errors. Patient portals also allow your patients to access test results and other important medical information at home. If you add a kiosk printer, patients can check out and print visit summaries, prescriptions, and treatment plans.

Building Directory 

A healthcare kiosk in the lobby of a large healthcare facility can serve as a directory for patients looking for particular areas and departments.  Using lobby attendant software, your kiosk can function as a virtual front desk by providing a building directory, map, and directions.

Control Access

Check-in kiosks can add an extra layer of security by making sure everyone in your facility is authorized to be wherever they are. When patients check-in, the kiosk can print individualized badges with barcodes that must be scanned to allow entry into a particular area.

HR Kiosks

Adding a human resource kiosk to your healthcare facility can serve your employees. Your staff can use the HR kiosks to clock in and out, print pay stubs, request PTO, manage benefits, and more. An HR kiosk can be installed in break rooms or cafeterias to keep your workforce updated with facility-wide announcements.

Healthcare Kiosks are Here to Stay

If you've been considering a patient check-in kiosk to improve your office efficiencies, you're not alone. Healthcare kiosks have been transforming the medical industry for nearly half a decade now and will continue to make a significant impact long into the future. If you're interested in improving patient experience and staff productivity with a healthcare kiosk solution, give us a call, and we'll answer any question you have about getting started.

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