Custom Kiosks Used for Travel and Tourism

Technik Manufacturing, as one of the country’s premier kiosk manufacturers, partnered with Nebraska’s department of tourism and Nanonation to create custom travel and tourism kiosks. With 6 custom kiosks strategically placed is the state’s most popular destinations, tourists and Nebraska residents are able to more easily explore all Nebraska has to offer.

These custom touch screen kiosks are easy to navigate for users. The content management tool in the kiosk provides an easy way to maintain visitor information and management by Nebraska department of tourism employees. The 42” screen allows user to view beautiful images and videos of Nebraska attractions.

Custom kiosks can be used for tourism in many different ways. Visitors can see local attractions, make reservations, print out maps and menus; and can be placed in tourist centers, banks, event centers and hotels. Contact our custom kiosk manufacturers today to make a step toward saving resources and enhancing your customers’ experience with a kiosk.

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