Can an Information Kiosk Benefit Your Company?

Having easy access to the right information is important to your customers and employees.  An information kiosk is one of the best ways to meet the demands of staff, customers, or the public in a cost-effective and efficient way. As industry-leading kiosk manufacturers Technik MFG. INC. has witnessed what an information kiosk can do for companies and organizations. Let's take a closer look at information kiosks, and find out if they're right for your company.   

What is an Information Kiosk?

Simply put, an information kiosk is a tool to provide information in an efficient and visually pleasing way. An information kiosk helps customers make informed decisions, increases engagement and expands sales.  For staff, information kiosks allow easy access to important company information, directions, and announcements.   

What Industries Can Benefit from Information Kiosks?

Almost every type of business can benefit from using an information kiosk. There are already many industries and markets that rely on them. A few examples include:

  • Office lobbies
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Cafeterias
  • Visitors Centers
  • Zoos
  • Federal Agencies

What are the Benefits of Information Kiosks?

Information kiosks are a tool to provide information efficiently, while at the same time providing enjoyable and engaging user experience.

Businesses with an Information Kiosk benefit from:

  • Organization – Information is easier to organize, search, and navigate
  • Less Work – Compiling information is less work and can be easily updated
  • Time-Efficiency – Faster access to information for the user
  • Saves Money – Staffing resource demand is reduced
  • Availability – Provide 24/7 information

Businesses without an Information Kiosk suffer from:

  • Poor Customer Experience – Nobody likes waiting 30 minutes for information that can be communicated in a matter of seconds.
  • Time-Waste – Manually managed information is difficult and time-consuming. 
  • Unreliability – Human error, absent employees, and working business hours can produce inaccurate information.  
  • Negative Environmental Impact – Using paper instead of electronic information creates a massive paper waste footprint.

Are You Ready for an Information Kiosk?

We can design a custom information kiosk that will transform your bottom line and improve customer and employee experience. Every business is different; that's why our custom kiosks are engineered to meet your specific needs. Call today and tell us about your business or organization.

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