Bill Payment Kiosks

Self-serve bill payment kiosks can function like an automated sales force in convenience stores, grocery stores, and other retail settings. With kiosks, billers and service providers can eliminate long lines and counter pressure and free customer service representatives to focus on revenue-generating opportunities. Kiosks also reduce operational risks and improve reconciliation and auditing.

Why Use Bill Payment Kiosks?

A bill payment kiosk offers convenience, access to multiple languages, real-time processing, accurate posting, instant confirmation of payment, and 24/7 customer service. Companies that use bill payment kiosks reduce their operational costs while improving customer service. A true win-win. 

Are Bill Payment Kiosks Secure?

Absolutely. A bill payment kiosk is just a computer with more interactive options that are designed for a specific purpose.  In fact, you could argue that a bill payment kiosk is more secure than person to person payments because you're eliminating the risk of an extra human who is seeing personal sensitive information. Bill payment kiosks provide system performance management, system security, and a wide range of component support to protect user information. The security features control how the kiosk is authorizing, collecting, and storing personally identifiable data.

Advantages of Bill Payment Kiosks

  • Kiosks are simple to use for all age groups and demographics.
  • Payment kiosks can be revenue-generating machines if they charge fees for certain transactions or for users with different membership status.
  • They can increase traffic to a location by attracting users that are not even customers, but who can benefit from the convenient invoice payment alternative.
  • Kiosks are low maintenance and can be easily repaired and upgraded when needed.
  • They may be monitored remotely and require minimum education to adjust.

Custom Kiosk Manufacturers

Tecknik Mfg. Inc. is a premier manufacturer of pull tab machines, kiosks, prepaid card vending machines, gaming card vending machines, PIN number vending machines, and card dispensing mechanisms. We offer custom manufactured vending machines and kiosks to a wide variety of customers and industries. If you want to learn more about how one of our custom machines can improve your bottom line and customer service, give us a call.

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