Airport Kiosks – Why People Love Them

Kiosks are playing a larger role in every day people’s lives as each year passes. The interactive kiosk market is projected to exceed $31 billion in the next four years. It’s becoming increasingly rare not coming across a kiosk in day to day life. Whether you’re printing a ticket, boarding pass, or purchasing items at a store, kiosks have become so common we’re no longer surprised when we see or use one. As the public becomes more and more tech-savvy, we're seeing a transformation in the customer service model. Efficient self-service is quickly becoming the new best in customer service.   

This article is going to take a closer look at how self-check kiosks at the airport have transformed the customer service experience.

Airport Wayfinding

We all know airports are big and can be difficult to navigate. Travelers often have limited time to get from one end of the airport to another when transferring flights. Today, airports are implementing interactive wayfinding maps on airport kiosks throughout the airport. Now travelers no longer need to find the right person to help, or wait in lines. The airport kiosk screens display the quickest route, and some even print out maps for travelers.

Airport Lost and Found

Have you ever left something in the terminal or on the plane? This happens every day in airports. Unfortunately, sometimes items never find their way back to the owners. Some airports are trying to solve this issue with a lost and found option on their self-serve kiosks. Travelers can type in what the missing item is, and the airport kiosk can let them know if the item has been found and what steps to take to retrieve the item.

Local Hotel, Food, and Entertainment Info

Landing in a new city on a business trip can mean arriving at your destination, not knowing where anything is. An airport kiosk can be placed in the pickup/transportation zone providing travelers with information about local accommodations, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. This is useful for travelers and allows for cities to advertise shows, concerts, events, and more. These kiosks can even be designed for outdoor use.

Airport Security Warnings

Officials at airports are using kiosks to improve security. Communication is key when it comes to airport security. When a security warning needs to be issued, information can be sent to special security kiosks strategically placed throughout the airport. The airport kiosk can flash red lights and display the important message with instructions if necessary.

Efficient self-service is quickly becoming the new best form of customer service. Kiosks can be designed to meet the needs of nearly any industry.

Find out how a custom kiosk can transform your bottom line and improve customer and employee service.

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