Advantages of a Custom Kiosk for Your Business

Choosing to go with a custom kiosk or custom vending machine for your business comes with a lot of benefits. When you get your kiosk designed to meet a specific use the first thing you're eliminating is paying for features you don't want, and secondly, you're getting a device that will serve your business for the exact purpose in which you envisioned.

Projections for Self-Service Tech

The market for self-service technology continues to grow at a rapid rate. The latest report from Allied Market Research predicted a compound annual growth rate of 14% over the coming years, reaching $31.8 billion by 2020.  More and more businesses are investing in custom kiosks and custom vending machines, and their customers are responding favorably to the technology.

Built for Your Brand

When you choose a custom kiosk over a stock model you’re getting a kiosk built for your brand and one that satisfies your customer’s needs. An example of this is the loyalty kiosks designed for the Las Vegas Sands’ Venetian properties in Las Vegas, Singapore, and Macau, China. Each property demanded a slightly different kiosk design based on geographic location, customer preferences, and volume requirements.

In Macau, customers demand the utmost in privacy while looking at the kiosk screen. So for those kiosks, the monitor was designed to tilt inward and privacy wings around the screen were added. They also added 3M privacy filters on the monitors so they couldn't be viewed from the side.

Another property-specific custom kiosk included a ticket printer that allows patrons to print ferry tickets to get back to mainland China using points they had accumulated.

In Las Vegas, loyalty kiosk are much more complex and incorporate the ability to print new loyalty cards on demand, which required the installation of a full-color Datacard printer with an encoder as well as a Veridocs ID scanner to verify the person’s identity.

Custom Doesn’t Mean Costly

A custom kiosk is neither under or over-designed, meaning every component the makes up the entirety of the machine is as cost-effective as possible. Stock models that need to be modified or include features that are not needed can cost more and not represent your brand well.

The first step to getting the most cost-effective and customer-centric custom kiosk for your business is to call or sit down with an experienced kiosk manufacturer.  Explain the purpose of your kiosk and the demands of your brand and customers. The designer will take it from there and show you all the possible directions you can go with you custom kiosk.

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