5 Benefits of Self Service Kiosks in Hospitals

More and more hospitals are turning to a self-service approach in their facilities. Hospitals get busy and are notorious for long waits. Self-service kiosks are being used to ease the burden on administrative staff and better serve patients and guests. Simple tasks like registration and payments can be made through a self-service kiosk placed in the hospital lobby. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the five biggest benefits of adding a self-service kiosk to a hospital.

Reduced Waiting for Patients

No patient likes filling out paperwork, but it has to be done. A self-service kiosk expedites the process with an easy-to-operate digitized system. Instead of administrative staff manually recording patient information, it can be uploaded to the hospital system in real-time. This speeds up the check-in process for patients and admin. After the initial information is submitted, patients can check-in within seconds by simply swiping a card.

Reduced Costs

Self-check-ins save hospitals from using paper, filing forms, and allows them to look up patient information in a matter of seconds without having to hunt down files hidden in cabinets. This frees the nursing staff from admin duties and allows them to provide better and more consistent care for patients.

Fewer Errors

Everyone’s biggest fear when visiting a hospital is a medical mistake. They happen more often than patients and healthcare staff would like. Using electronic kiosks help reduce stat entry errors made by administrative staff. For example, duplicate consent forms and medical data going into the electronic health record (HER) are less likely to happen, because the hospital staff will get an alert if they have an existing record in their system.

Easier Payments

Tying your kiosk into a web-based portal will expedite the payment process for patients. They can pay their medical expenses by simply swiping and putting their credit card information into the electronic payment system. The kiosk can also notify the patient of any outstanding medical balances, print out payments, medical certificates, and notify the hospital when payments have been made and received.

Less Confusion

Aside from easier payments and faster check-ins, patients can take comfort in knowing they are never lost with self-service kiosks. The design makes it easy for patients to navigate and find their appointed physician by accessing a hospital map, which tells them where to go. The feature is pretty basic, but it saves both the patient and the staff from spending time on directions.

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