3D Dispensing Available for Custom Kiosks

Technik Mfg. has a team of engineers who consistently push the envelope. When it comes to custom kiosk and vending machine technology, we’re on the cutting edge of new technologies for custom dispensing capabilities. Most recently, our team of custom kiosk manufacturers has expanded to 3D object dispensing.

For many years, our custom kiosks and custom vending machines have dispensed traditional small, thin products – like card dispensing or ticket dispensing vending machines. Our capabilities have expanded to vend larger 3D boxes and plastic cases. From jewel cd cases, to small boxes that contain cards or other products, our custom kiosks and vending machine engineers have mastered this capability to apply to many types of product dispensing needs.

Dispensing plastic cases from our custom kiosks has proven to be a reliable technology, and as with all Technik’s machines and mechanisms, is backed by our excellent support and warranty. Contact us today to see how we can help develop a custom kiosk or custom vending machine to fit your businesses’ dispensing needs.

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